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Shimonoseki, the city at the west end of Honshu, is a key hub of land and marine transportation and has been flourishing as a gateway to the Asian continent. It is a place of scenic beauty with its three sides surrounded by the sea. The south side faces the Kanmon Strait and the west and the north sides face the beautiful San’in Coast. We cannot talk about Japanese history without mentioning Shimonoseki. Shimonoseki became an important stage of great turning points in the history of Japan. The Genpei War in Shimonoseki in 1185 facilitated Japan to change from aristocratic society to samurai society and the Shimonoseki Bombardment in 1864, the incident of gunfire at Shimonoseki of the combined fleet of four foreign countries, became a major opportunity for the Meiji Restoration. Shimonoseki, where many historic events took place, is dotted with historical monuments in town where you feel Japanese culture along with historic buildings that tell us the aspect of the days when Shimonoseki flourished as a base of continental trade. Shimonoseki is a city engraving a millennium’s history. Make use of all attractive landscapes that can be found only in Shimonoseki to create movies and TV dramas.

Responding to various needs of video and image producers.
Shimonoseki Film Commission

Shimonoseki Film Commission with the motto of quick working and a dedicated community-based video location support system assists video and image producers. Furthermore, as soon as your video location schedule is decided, Shimonoseki Film Commission will provide support as necessary, including arrangements with facility managers, local police, and fire department, the promotion of local residents’ understanding, and the recruitment of extras so that you can concentrate on your shooting work. On completion of filming, Shimonoseki Film Commission will provide various kinds of support, including the announcement of the release of the movie or the broadcasting of the TV drama.

Shimonoseki Film Commission

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