Fukunoseki KamonWharfKarato area/ ganryujima

Fukunoseki KamonWharf is located in Kamonwharf, a multiple bussiness facilities with intresting restaurants, fast food shop, gift shops, where you can feel the sea by enjoying the food and shopping.

Precious moments with delicious food and beautiful view

In Fukunoseki KamonWharf, you can enjoy blow fish meal while facing to the strait in a tatami seat. The Dan-no-ura Strait is the last battle field between HeiKe Vs Genji, back to the year of 1185.

We have a variety of food such as Teisyoku, don, course, etc.

For our customers to enjoy the fresh Teisyoku, don, our food matrials are directly delivered from the market of Shimonoseki, such as whale, blow fish, etc.

Free parking

Our shop is equipped with a huge parking lot, which enables individual or group to park for free. Please feel free to use it.

name Fugunoseki Tyofu Kankoukaikanten
location ShimonosekiKarato-machi 6-1
phone number 083-234-2981
Official website
business hours 11:00~21:00(OS20:00)
Regular holiday 7 days a week
Number of seats 49
Hot spring 無し
Bicycle rental 無し
Hand riding sightseeing 無し
Fuku Fuku Travel 無し