Fukunoseki Tyofu KannkoukaikantenJyokamachi Tyofu

「Fukunoseki Tyofu Kankoukaikan」is a souvenir shop of blow fish in Tyofu, Jyoka-machi, Yamakuchi Prefecture. It is equipped with big parking lot.

The 2nd floor is a restaurant for big or small group trourists.

Our restaurant has various ways of cooking blow fish such as 「Fugu Grill Set 」,「Tora Fugu Sashimi」,「Torafugu Sashimi and Fugu Nabe」,「Torafugu Set」,etc.

In the shop, we have rich and varied souvenirs and food such a Seafood, Sweet, Sake, etc.

In the shop, we have rich and varied souvenirs and food such a Torafugu Sashimi, processed fugu food, processed marine food, sea urchin, whale, fuku sweets, fugu cockies and fuku sake.

Free parking

Our shop is equipped with a huge parking lot, which enables individual or group to park for free. Please feel free to use it.

name Fugunoseki Tyofu Kankoukaikanten
location Shimonoseki CityTyofusamurai-machi 2-1-15
phone number 083-246-1120
FAX 083-246-1130
Official website
business hours 9:00~18:00
Regular holiday 7 days a week
Number of seats Hall 230 people Japanese-style room 25 people
Main menu · Fee Truffle Course 8,200 yen, Fukuoka Seafood 3,780 yen, Fire Mountain Gozen 2,800 yen
Hot spring 無し
Bicycle rental 無し
Hand riding sightseeing 無し
Fuku Fuku Travel 無し