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Around JR Shimonoseki Station
Ryokan Sumire750-00253-13-23 Takezaki-cho, Shimonoseki City083-222-3191083-234-3213Ikeza4014

3 days before…30% 1day before…80% On the day…100%This is an authentic Japanese style inn.
Enjoy the essence of Japanese cuisine!
Please use with 2 or more people.
Reservations are required at least 3 days in advance.
Hotel Wing International Shimonoseki750-00253-11-2 Takezaki-cho, Shimonoseki City083-235-2111083-232-7707Kumano141101

1 day before…20%  On the day…100%2 minutes walk from the west exit of
JR Shimonoseki Station
Prince Hotel Shimonoseki750-00253-10-7 Takezaki-cho, Shimonoseki City083-232-2301083-234-0459Nara7048

On the day…100%2 minutes walk from JR Shimonoseki Station.
All amenities are provided.
Individual air conditioning.
5 minutes drive from tourist spots such as Kaikyokan.
Smile Hotel Shimonoseki750-00254-4-1 Takezaki-cho, Shimonoseki City083-233-0111083-223-0285Matsuoka186128

1 day before…20% On the day…100%2 minutes walk from JR Shimonoseki Station.
Next to Sea Mall Shimonoseki.
2 stations from Shinkansen Kokura Station and Shin-Shimonoseki Station.
Shimonoseki Station Hotel750-00252-8-11 Takezaki-cho, Shimonoseki City083-231-2225083-235-7110Nakano213171

3 days before…50% 1day before…70% On the day…100%2 minutes walk from the east exit of
JR Shimonoseki Station and the bus terminal.
About 15 minutes by car from Shimonoseki IC.
There are many plans available.
Private capsule rooms (incl. royal type) are for men only.
Shimonoseki West Station Washington Hotel Plaza750-00671-4-1 Yamatomachi, Shimonoseki City083-261-0410083-261-0430Baba258238

(incl. free breakfast)

1day before…20% On the day…80%It is conveniently located 2 minutes walk from JR Shimonoseki Station,
making it a convenient base for business and sightseeing.
Dormy INN Shimonoseki Premium Shimonoseki750-00173-40 Hosoe-shinmachi, Shimonoseki City083-223-5489083-222-0036Doi288144

(Individual) 1 day before…50%, on the day…100%
(Group) 30 days before…20%, 7 days before…50%, 3 days before…100%
Enjoy a relaxing time in the open-air bath overlooking the Kanmon Strait.
Super Hotel Premier Shimonoseki750-00173-50 Hosoe-shinmachi, Shimonoseki City083-229-9000083-229-9001Nakajima240116

On the day…100%
(Reservations for 10 or more rooms are subject to separate charges.)
Enjoy a relaxing and comfortable stay.
Please use it for business or sightseeing.
The parking lot is limited to a maximum of
17 cars in the order of arrival after 3pm.
PlazaHotel Shimonoseki750-001411-10 Hanano-cho, Shimonoseki City083-223-3333083-223-3753Hayashi12084

1 day before…50% On the day…100%Located between Shimonoseki Station and Karato,
this hotel is convenient for both sightseeing and business.
There is a restaurant with a view overlooking the Kanmon Strait.
No smoking throughout the building
Karato Area - Hinoyama Area
Shimonoseki Grand Hotel750-000631-2 Nabe-cho, Shimonoseki City083-231-5000083-235-0039Yada16286

1day before…20%、on the day…80%、No-show…100%Located in the center of Shimonoseki City,
it is in an excellent location within walking distance to tourist spots along the Kanmon Strait.
Spend a relaxing moment admiring the magnificent landscape.
Karato Central Hotel750-000111-1 Saiwaimachi, Shimonoseki City083-231-5235083-232-6401Sasaki5041
(for group only)

2~3 days before…20%、1day before…50%、on the day…100%You can use the natural hot spring public bath.
uzuhouse750-00037-8 Amidaiji-cho, Shimonoseki City083-250-9787Okino458

Up to 7 cars
2 days before…30%、1day before…50%、On the day…100%This is a guesthouse with a view of the strait right in front of you.
Enjoy your time in the best location.
Showers and toilets are shared.
National Hostel Kaikyo View Shimonoseki751-08133-58 Mimosusogawa-cho, Shimonoseki City083-229-0117083-229-0114Doi13242

3~2 days before…50%、1day before…50%、on the day…100%You can see the beautiful Kanmon Bridge and Kanmon Strait from
anywhere in the hotel. You can also enjoy Shimonoseki's specialties
such as puffer fish, sea urchin, and whale all year round.
We accept reservations from the day before the day six months before
the date of your stay. Accommodations on Aug. 13, Dec. 31, and Jan.
1 will be determined by lottery.
Shimonoseki Hinoyama Youth Hostel751-08137-1 Mimosusogawa-cho, Shimonoseki City083-222-3753083-963-4315Kubo6212

(For 14 people or less)
2 days before…20%、1day before…50%、
until 17:00 on the day…70%、after 17:00…100%
This is an inn with a spectacular view where you can see the
Kanmon Straits from all rooms.
Manju-so751-08133-75 Mimosusogawa-cho, Shimonoseki City083-222-1126083-222-1136Yoshisaka399

3~2 days before…30%、1day before…50%、on the day…100%This is an inn with a spectacular view of the Kanmon Strait.
GLAMP DOME Shimonoseki752-09972-582-1 Maeda-cho, Shimonoseki CityMoriwaki4910

30 days before~…50%、1 week before~…100%①Spectacular views of the Kanmon Strait 
②Sauna, pool, and dome with a dog park 
③Open in all weathers, locally produced BBQ 
④5 minutes by car to Karato Market 
⑤Doubledome is also available for
group accommmodation. (capacity 10 people)
As this facility is exclusively for hotel guests,
tours and business operations are not permitted.
Castle town, Chofu
Ryokan Kogushiya752-09765-15 Chofu Minamino-cho, Shimonoseki City083-245-0051083-245-0099Jinzai41

3~2 days before…20%、1day before~on the day…100%This is a long-established cuisine inn founded in 1871.
Accommodation is limited to one group per day.
There are no staff who can speak foreign languages.
Shimonoseki Onsen KAZE NO UMI752-09852-1 Chofu Sotoura-cho, Shimonoseki City083-241-1180083-246-3110Kami10032

5 days before…30%、2 days before…50%、on the day…100%You can enjoy natural hot springs in your room.
Enjoy your stay and forget about time while watching the
strait where many ships come and go.
Kikugawa Area
Sungreen Kikugawa750-0317511-6 Shimo-Okaeda, Kikugawa-cho, Shimonoseki City083-287-1760083-287-1762Nakano5819

3 days before…20%、50% 1day before…50%、on the day…100%Enjoy natural hot springs and Kaiseki cuisine that
changes with the seasons.
Toyota Area
Ichinomata Onsen Kanko Hotel750-04031711 Ichinomata, Toyota-cho, Shimonoseki, City083-768-0111083-768-0323Kimura9821

3 days before…30%、2 days before…50%、
1day before…80%、on the day…100%
It is a popular hot spring with a pH of 10.0, which is similar to lotion!
It is a natural inn where you can enjoy hot springs and gastronomy,
and is also convenient for sightseeing in Kakushima.
Riderhouse Red Sun750-0424252-1 Yata, Toyota-cho, Shimonoseki City083-242-2040083-242-2040Akaboshi216

after the noon of the day…50%It is within walking distance from the roadside station
"Hotaru Kaido Nishi no Ichi",
and you can enjoy watching fireflies in early June.
Reservations for the day of your stay will be accepted until noon.
Toyoura Area
Takezono Ryokan759-63015155 Kawatana, Toyoura-cho, Shimonoseki City083-772-2345083-772-0372Takehara227

2~5 days before…25%、1 day before… 50%、on the day…100%This is a pure Japanese-style inn. You can enjoy the taste of
Japanese architecture and carefully prepared Japanese cuisine.
Tamatubaki Ryokan759-63015132 Kawatana, Toyoura-cho, Shimonoseki City083-772-0005083-772-0097Fujita124

7~4 days before…25%、3~2 days before…50%、
1day before/on the day…100%
100 years since establishment.
This inn was founded in 1923 by a sumo wrestler.
The building is registered as a cultural property.
The hot springs that can be reserved for private use and traditional Japanese cuisine are popular.
There are delicate and valuable furniture and fittings in the building,
so please handle them with care.
Traditional Japanese buildings are not soundproofed,
so please be considerate of other guests and enjoy a quiet and peaceful stay.
Ryokan Kotengu759-63015153 Kawatana, Toyoura-cho, Shimonoseki City083-772-0215083-772-1262Amita105

7 days before~…30%、3 days before~…50%、
1 day before…80%、on the day/No-show…100%
This is a hot spring inn with water flowing directly from the source.Please check in by 7pm.
Ryokan Koteng Sunroji759-63015153 Kawatana, Toyoura-cho, Shimonoseki City083-772-0227083-772-1262Urabe168

7 days before~…20%、4 days before~…30%、
2 days before~…50%、on the day/No-show…100%
This is an inn with natural hot spring water that is designed to be an
``adults-only retreat'' where you can forget about everyday life and
spend time with someone special.
①One-night stays with breakfast and overnight stays
without meals are available only on weekdays. 
②Not available to children under 12 years of age. 
③ All rooms and entire premises are non-smoking
Houhoku Area
Hotel Nishinagato Resort759-53312045 Kanda, Hohoku-cho, Shimonoseki City083-786-2111083-786-2500Takanose36877

(part of building)

Cancellation fees will be charged based on the
accommodation terms and conditions.
This is the closest hotel to Tsunoshima Ohashi Bridge,
and all rooms are designed with comfortable ocean views.
All rooms are non-smoking
Pensione Shimado 1759-53313588-19 Kanda, Hohoku-sho, Shimonoseki083-227-2393

2~5 days before…50%、1 day before… 80%、
on the day/No-show…100%
It's right next to the spectacular view.
This guesthouse is located 2-3 minutes from Tsunoshima Ohashi Bridge,
one of Yamaguchi Prefecture's leading tourist spots.
Pensione Shimado 2759-53313809 Kanda, Hohoku-cho, Shimonoseki083-227-2393

2~5 days before…50%、1 day before… 80%、
on the day/No-show…100%
It's right next to the spectacular view.
This guesthouse is located 2-3 minutes from Tsunoshima Ohashi Bridge,
one of Yamaguchi Prefecture's leading tourist spots.

Granvista Tsunoshima759-53322899-1 Tsunoshima, Hohoku-cho, Shimonoseki083-786-1410083-786-1400Wada105

7~2 days before…30%、1day before…50%、On the day…100%
Reservation reception date ~ 8 days before…Flat charge 1,000 yen
We offer rooms with a spectacular view of the
sunset over the Sea of Japan.
Please feel free to use it with your family and friends.
Buenavista759-53313567-17 Kanda, Hohoku-cho, Shimonoseki090-1684-3456Nishinaka121

30~21 days before…10%、20~11 days before…20%、
10~5 days before…30%、4~2 days before…40%、
after the previous day…100%
This is a rental villa with a spectacular view of Tsunoshima.
You can bring your own food and drinks and BBQ.
This facility is ideal for group trips, family trips, and beach trips.
For reservations and inquiries TEL090-1684-3456
mo'blue759-53313567-17 Kanda, Hohoku-cho, Shimonoseki090-1684-3456Nishinaka121

30~21 days before…10%、20~11 days before…20%、
10~5 days before…30%、4~2 days before…40%、
after the previous day…100%
This is a rental villa located 500m from Tsunoshima Ohashi Bridge.
The view of Tsunoshima Ohashi Bridge from
the 2nd floor terrace is spectacular!
Please take your time and relax.
For reservations and inquiries TEL090-1684-3456
Others (campsites and others)
Misaka Natural Forest Forest House Shimonoseki759-6602Misaka, Kamono, Shimonoseki083-259-8555083-258-4862Hujita804

There is no cancellation fee, but if you cancel,
please contact us as soon as possible.
Training for large groups is available for
both day trips and overnight stays.
Misaka Natural Forest Camp Site759-6602Misaka, kamono, Shimonoseki083-259-8555083-258-4862Hujita32084 sites

There is no cancellation fee, but if you cancel,
please contact us as soon as possible.
This is a campsite rich in nature that
you can enjoy alone or in a group.