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Cultural experiences in Shimonoseki

Fugu-blowfish cooking experience Fugu-blowfish cooking experience

Fugu (blowfish) cooking experience

At “Fuku Rakusha” near Japan’s top fugu market “Haedomari,” you can prepare fugu under the supervision of a professional chef and eat it on the spot. (Neutralized fugu is used.)

Fugu-blowfish cooking experience
Matcha Matcha


You can have matcha at the “Chofu Mori Residence” and “Chofu Garden” in the castle town of Chofu where you can sense the ambiance of Japan.


At “Fishing Park” even beginners can enjoy fishing casually.

Fishing Golf


There are golf courses that offer ample facilities, food, and low pricing

Soba/tofu-making experience

You can get a taste of making soba and tofu at Toyota Agricultual Park “Minori no Oka”.

Soba/tofu-making experience
Soba/tofu-making experience Soba/tofu-making experience
Fruit picking

Fruit picking

Places: Toyoura-cho, Toyota-cho, Hohoku-cho, etc. You can pick and eat seasonal fruits such as mandarin oranges, apples, grapes, and strawberries, as well as the local specialty pears. Availability : pears & grapes (Sep.) mandarin oranges (mid Oct. to early Dec.) apples (late Aug. to late Nov.) strawberries (mid Apr. to early May)

Fruit picking Fruit picking

Onsen (hot springs)

The city is dotted with hot spring towns which have been enjoyed since old times, hot springs with spectacular sea views, and those in the mountains. Nishinoichi Hot Spring (within Roadside Station “Hotaru Kaido Nishinoichi”)

Onsen-hot springs
Onsen-hot springs