Groups accepted

This is a list of restaurants that accept groups.

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Meals available
Facility namepost codelocationTEL No.FAX No.person in chargeBreakfastLunchDinnerRegular holidayBusiness hoursSeating capacityRecommended menu and price rangeWi-FiparkingCancellation PolicyPR commentNoticeshomepage address
JR Shimonoseki Station - Karato area
Plaza Hotel Shimonoseki750-001411-10 Hanano-cho, Shimonoseki City083-223-3333083-223-3757Yasuno

No holidays7:00~9:30
17:00 ~ 21:00
70Breakfast 1,720 yen、
Fuku mini gozen 3,300 yen、
Fuku course Kojiro 8,800 yen

50% the day before, 100% on the dayThis restaurant overlooks the Kanmon Strait.
We look forward to serving you with a menu that
focuses on local production for local consumption.
credit card, QR payment,
electronic money supported (some exceptions apply)
Japanese bar HOUSEKI750-001416-3 Hanano-cho, Shimonoseki City083-250-7929Kawaguchi

Wednesdays, Sundays, and National holidays
(reservations accepted)
50Lunch 1,500 yen~、
Dinner 5,000 yen~、
Torafuku course 11,000 yen
(tax included)

100% 3 days beforeFor lunch, there is a wide selection of set meals,
especially the chicken nanban. At night,
we can serve Shimonoseki's specialty fugu and whales.
There are many other menu items.
Reservations required for Fuku cuisine and Whale cuisine.
Karato area
IRUKA NO MIERU RESTAURANT750-0036KAIKYOKAN, 6-1, Arukaport, Shimonoseki City083-235-1500083-235-1501Yamaguchi

No holidays11:00~17:0070Hamburg steak set 1,650 yen,
Kawara soba 1,480 yen,
Fuku fries set 1,890 yen

100% on the dayOur restaurant inside Kaikyokan has a dolphin tank inside,
so you can enjoy your meal while watching
the dolphins swimming energetically.
Reservations are required for dinner
(minimum number of people)
KARATOYA750-0005KAMONWHARF 2F, 6-1, Karato-cho, Shimonoseki City083-228-0330083-235-2297Imamura/Honda

12/31 and 1/111:00~15:00
120Torafugu sashimi Gozen 2,200 yen

100% on the dayYou can enjoy local fresh fish purchased
from Karato Market as sashimi or grilled.
We also have private rooms for groups.
We will arrange menu according to your budget.https://kamonwharf.com/shoplist/karatoya/
IRODORIYA750-0005KAMONWHARF 2F, 6-1, Karato-cho, Shimonoseki City083-233-7420083-233-7420Watanabe

tempura and Kawara Soba set
2,250 yen

100% on the dayThe food is prepared using fresh fish purchased
from Karato Market by the owner,
who has been in Japanese cuisine for over 30 years
and is licensed to process blowfish.
We will arrange menu according to your budget.https://kamonwharf.com/shoplist/irodoriya/
Chinese restaurant TONKOU750-0005KAMONWHARF 3F, 6-1, Karato-cho, Shimonoseki City083-234-5511083-234-5513

No holidays11:00~20:0050Fugu grilled on a
ceramic plate set meal
2,200 yen

0% until 15:00 the day before, 100% after thatThere is a wide variety of menu items centered
around Shimonoseki blowfish.
Fugu sashimi and blowfish hot pot are always available for groups.
Has a long track record.
As a general rule,
please start your meal from 11:00 to 12:00.
Not available after 13:00
Dannoura/Hinoyama area
HEIKE JAYA751-08131-1 Mimosusogawa-cho, Shimonoseeki City083-222-2022083-222-2033Hayashi

Tuesdays (the next day if it is a National holiday)11:00~15:00
1F:24 2F:76Fukufuku Course 7,100 yen
(tax included)

Depends on the number of people making reservations
(Example: For 40 or more people, 30% within one month)
You can enjoy your meal in an atmosphere as if you were on
a houseboat while looking out at the
Kanmon Straits and Kanmon Bridge.
Please go up the stairs to the 2nd floor. (No elevator)https://www.heiketyaya.com/
National Hostel Kaikyo View Shimonoseki751-08133-58 Mimosusogawa-cho, Shimonoseki City083-229-0117083-229-0114Doi

No holidays11:30~14:00200Fugu Gozen 2,530 yen

1 week ago…20%
3 days ago…50%
The day before…50%
On the day…100%
This is an inn where you can enjoy a spectacular view of the Kanmon Strait.
You can enjoy your meal while viewing the beautiful
Kanmon Bridge and Kanmon Strait.
You can enjoy special products such as fuku all year round.
If there are more than 100 people,
we may ask you to split up into two venues.
SEKITORA HONTEN751-08136-20 Mimosusogawa-cho, Shimonsoeki City083-227-4431Oba

Wednesdays and Sundays17:00~22:0020Full course of blowfish 13,200 yen
(tax included)

If you pass through the curtain and look past the Karesansui in the garden,
you will find yourself in a carefully designed Japanese space.
Enjoy a peaceful Kaiseki meal in a relaxing private room.
Japanese-style room…up to 12 people
Western-style room…up to 8 people
Chofu area
HUKIUNOSEKI(Chofu Kanko Kaikann Branch)752-09782-1-15 Chofu-samurai-machi, Shimonoseki City083-246-1120083-246-1130Nishio

No holidays9:00~
Meals start at 11:00
260Fugu set meal 2,530 yen
(tax included)

This is the starting point for walking around the castle town of Chofu.
You can enjoy Fuku cuisine at reasonable prices,
and we also have a wide selection of Fuku souvenirs.
Meals must be reserved in advance.https://www.fukunoseki.com/chofu/
Kikugawa area
Sungreen Kikugawa750-0317511-6 Shimo-okaeda, Kikugawa-cho, Shimonoseki City083-287-1760083-287-1762Nakano

No holidays11:30~15:00
40Rinka Kaiseki 4,400 yen、
Ryokuyou Kaiseki 6,600 yen

25-100% depending on the number of people
from 3 days in advance
Lunch buffet is available only every Wednesday.
1,200 yen per adult for 60 minutes from 11:30 to 14:00.
Reservations required at least 3 days in advance.
Reservations for Fugu dishes must be made
at least one week in advance.
Toyota area
Michinoeki Hotarukaido Nishinoichi MANSAKU750-0441876-4 Nakamura, Toyota-cho, Shimonoseki City083-767-0241083-766-0377Inshoku Dept.

Tuesdays and Wednesdays
(please check if it is a public holiday)
11:00~15:30about 60Shimonoseki local set meal 1,380 yen
Kanmon Pork cutlet 1,150 yen

We offer a wide range of menus, including healthy and hearty menus,
as well as menus for children,
so that three generations of your family can enjoy a meal.
Hohoku area
YUMEMISAKI759-53323042 Tunoshima, Hohoku-cho, Shimonoseki City083-786-1008083-786-2600Matsuno

Tuesdays11:00~16:0017331 types of group menus
(can be tailored to fit your budget)

0% until the morning 4 days in advance,
depending on the number of people and reservation details.
3 minutes walk to Tsunoshima Lighthouse!
You can dine in a reimagined location overlooking the Sea of Japan.
We also have an extensive children's menu and support a wide range of aged groups.
There is also a souvenir shop.And we also accept groups.
Bringing in food and drink is prohibited.
There are no staff who can speak foreign languages.
Michinoeki Kitaurakaido Houhoku759-6121314-1 Kanda-kami, Hohoku-cho, Shimonoseki City083-786-0111083-786-0088Nakano

1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month11:00~19:00
Varies depending on the season
40Omakase seafood bowl 2,100 yen (tax included)
Wakuwaku set meal 1,800 yen (tax included)

50% the day before, 100% on the dayThis roadside station is located at the westernmost tip of Honshu and
is located within Kita-Nagato Kaigan Quasi-National Park,
where you can enjoy seafood.
Advance reservations are only accepted for groups of 10 or more people.https://michinoeki-houhoku.jp/
Granvista Tsunoshima759-53322899-1 Tsunoshima, Hohoku-cho, Shimonoseki City083-786-1410083-786-1400Wada

Thursdays (open every day in summer)10:00~sunset78Manzoku Set of Kawara Soba and seafood bowl 2,580 yen
(tax included)

A restaurant where you can enjoy the view of the Sea of Japan.
We offer a wide variety of dishes,
from Japanese cuisine made with fresh seafood to pizza.